Partnering with Parents to help children and students develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, caring, loving, and nurturing environment for our children where they will be introduced to God on a age appropriate level.

Everything we do in CG Nursey is to accomplish the goal of your child developing a relationship with God at an early age. Every activity, lesson and all curriculum are selected carefully to ensure that God’s Truth is communicated to your child in a way that is relevant to him/her and is lots of fun. In partnering with parents regarding the spiritual training of their children, we pray over and love on every baby and child that comes through our doors as we introduce them to a lifelong journey of loving and serving God and others.

We meet Sunday mornings at 8:30 am and Wednesday nights at 6:45 pm.

Chosen Generation Students (Middle and High School) seeks to create a space for where middle and high school students can grow together in Christ. We aim to help students discover Christ in a personal way, draw closer to God and others, become disciples of Jesus, develop their gifts, and in everything demonstrate Christ's love.

We meet every Sunday (except third Sunday) with services staring at 9:45am. CG Students small groups meet every Wednesday at 6:45pm.

K-5 lock-in (6:30pm to 10:00pm) 


Chosen Generation Kids (Students, Grades K-5) strives to be a fun and exciting place where kids can discover Christ and draw close to God and people. Our safe and fun environment features age-appropriate Bible teaching, videos, skits, and other activities to reach kids for Jesus.

We meet every Sunday (except third Sunday) with services staring at 9:45am. CG Kids small groups meet every Wednesday at 6:45pm.

6-12 lock-in (8:30pm to 7:30am // $30 per student)



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