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Small Groups is our attempt, here at Bible-Based Fellowship Church, to create a sense of community. In our modern culture, small groups are often viewed merely as a program or a fellowship ministry within the church.

Small Groups Vision
Group members will become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Small Groups Mission
To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating an environment where they can explore faith and experience community.

Small Groups Characteristics
ABC2: Accountability, Belonging, Care, Commitment (Acts 2: 42-47) = Better Together

Small Groups Structure
Small groups are small because they each represent a smaller segment of the larger congregation. Thus, the size of the group varies by meeting date, time, and subject matter. Here at Bible-Based, we have four types of small groups.

Service groups focus on serving and assisting the Church. They may perform ministry tasks outside of the church or during non-church times and/or tasks beneficial for the church itself. For times and virtual meetings click here.


These groups involve a variety of ingredients, but stronger emphasis is placed on curriculum and spiritual growth in these groups. These groups are short-term and often change each group's term. These are groups which you may hear referred to as BBU (Bible-Based University) groups. Some people even still call them classes! For times and virtual meetings click here.


Fellowship groups focus on community and relationship building activities. Their main purpose is to form connections around a common interest (such as couponing or sewing), but they still are encouraged to do discipleship and service. For times and virtual meetings click here.


The focus of these groups correlates with the mission of Bible-Based; to make a local imprint and a global impact. Local Mission groups serve and assist individuals, families within the Church, and the surrounding communities. Global Mission groups serve by deploying Christians to other countries to assist in crisis or share the gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn more, click here.