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The Rev. Arthur T. Jones Legacy Memorial Scholarship program is designed to provide support for Christian students, both traditional and nontraditional, in pursuing their academic goals. The program is named in honor of the late Rev. Dr. Arthur T. Jones, founding pastor of Bible-Based Fellowship Church, who believed wholeheartedly in the value and necessity of education. Our Lead Pastor, Pastor Anthony C. White, and the entire Bible-Based community are excited about this program and proud that it bears Dr. Jones’s name.  Scholarship awards range from $500 - $5000 and are open to all students who are affiliated with Bible-Based through membership or close familial relationship to a Bible-Based member. Former scholarship recipients are also encouraged to reapply for this year's Legacy awards.

This year’s awards include the Rev. Arthur T. Jones Legacy Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Leo Northington Memorial Scholarship and various BBFC Legacy Scholarships and BBFC Legacy Book Awards.  Click on the link below for more detailed information on the respective Scholarships Book Awards

The Name You’re Award deadline has been moved to June 28th. Click the link below to submit your scholarship payments before the deadline.

The deadline for Scholarship Application and Recommendation Letters have both been moved to July 16th. Your recommendations should be submitted by teachers or members of the community. Click the links below to access the Scholarship application and scholarship recommendation forms.

 Finally, Education Sunday has been moved to August 9th. Many schools are planning virtual graduations, but our aim and hope is to provide a chance for them to walk down the aisle and be fully recognized for the champions they are. Click the link below to register for Education Sunday.