Rev. Arthur T. Jones

Rev. Arthur T. Jones Legacy Memorial Scholarship Program Description

The Rev. Arthur T. Jones Legacy Memorial Scholarship program is designed to support students, both traditional and nontraditional, in pursuing their academic goals. Scholarship awards start at $500 and are open to all affiliated Bible-Based students through membership or close familial relationships to a Bible-Based member. Former scholarship recipients are also encouraged to reapply for this year's Legacy awards.

Scholarship Program Application & Recommendation Letters

The deadline for Scholarship Application and Recommendation Letters is May 14th. Your recommendations should be submitted by teachers or members of the community. Click the links below to access the Scholarship application and scholarship recommendation forms.

2021 Name Your Award

Name Your Award is an opportunity for BBFC Members, Friends, and Business owners to create and name a scholarship or book award to be given Sunday, June 13th. Scholarship awards start at $500.

Those naming an award will receive a certificate from the church acknowledging your gift. Your name and scholarship will be aired in a live broadcast on Education Sunday.

Click the button below to submit your scholarship payments and Name Your Award. Awards must be paid by May 30th.

Education Sunday

June 13th is Education Sunday, a day we celebrate you! If you are graduating in Spring 2021 from a secondary, collegial, or vocational school, we want to celebrate with you. Click the button below to register for Education Sunday.