BBFC Africa

Bible-Based Fellowship Church - Africa (Burkina Faso) is an association that our Lord conceived and later birthed during a Revival in Burkina's capital city Ouagadougou in 1991.  She was a house-church for her first three (3) years. During the Revival in November of 1991 God told us to build Him a Worship Center.  Following His instructions, we commenced the planning and construction of the present 700 seat auditorium.  From 1991 to today, our bi-annual visits, monthly conference calls, and support have yielded an ever expanding enterprise that mirrors her mother church in Tampa.  

Under the leadership of Sr. Pastor and CEO Rev. Dr. Moise Napon, and his wife Madelyn, Bible-Based Fellowship Church Burkina is now the rock and pillar of:

The Bethesda Academy: A Middle and Senior High School with 35 full time staff and 469 students.

CREDO: The Christian Relief & Development Organization. An Economic Empowerment CDC that provides a new business incubator for Family Counseling & Budgeting service. This organization specializes in Leadership Development through transforming managers into leaders, examining the differences between a Leader and a Manager, and introducing the essential values of a Leader being integrity, commitment, respect, trust, courage, and risk-taking.

BBF School of the Prophets: A fully accredited Theological School for ministers, pastors, Christian education teachers, and leaders.

Bible-Based Fellowship Churches: Since inception, Bible-Based Fellowship has planted 11 other churches in the far-to-reach villages around Ouagadougou.  In each of these church plants, lives are being changed, souls are being saved, and destinies are being altered forever, through the power of God's Holy Spirit.

In each of these initiatives Bible-Based Fellowship-America, Pastors Arthur T. Jones and Moise Napon and Bible-Based Fellowship-Burkina are leading a devoted team with a Christ-Centered Vision filled with Passion, moved with Compassion, and achieving the Great Commission.