Small Groups at The Base

Small groups are small because they each represent a smaller segment of the larger congregation. Thus, the size of the group varies by location, meeting date, and subject matter. Here at Bible-Based, we have two types of small groups:

Service and Fellowship Groups
Fellowship groups focus on fellowship or community building activities.  Their main purpose is build relationships around a common interest (such as couponing or sewing), but they still are encouraged to do discipleship and service. Service groups focus on service as their major purpose. They perform ministry tasks outside of the church or during non-church times and/or tasks beneficial for the church itself. All of these groups, while serving or fellowshipping, continue to grow in discipleship. These are groups which you may hear referred to as ministries

  • Service and Fellowship Small groups meet together once a month, though they may serve several times per month.
  • Service and Fellowship groups meet on campus with a pre-set schedule, making it easier for new members to join. They may meet or fellowship offsite occasionally, but this would be in addition to their monthly on campus meeting.
  • Service and Fellowship Small groups are on-going groups, which incorporate scheduled breaks as needed.

Community (Study) Groups
These groups involve a variety of ingredients, but stronger emphasis is placed on curriculum and spiritual growth in these groups. These groups are short-term and often change each groups term. Our current #Overflow series is an example. These are groups which you may hear referred to as BBU (Bible-Based University) groups. Some people even still call them classes!

  • Community (study) groups meet three weeks per month.
  • Community (study) groups meet on campus and off campus at designated locations.
  • Community (study) groups have a designated schedule with a specific beginning and end date.
  • Community (study) groups begin 3 times per year:
    • Late January- Late May (Term #1)
    • June – July (Summer term). During the summer term, all groups study the same material.
    • Mid-August – Mid-December (Term #2)

Study, Fellowship, and Service Groups 

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Small Groups
Prayer Small Group
Health and Fitness
Counseling Resources Small Group

Worship & Creative Arts 

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  • 5
KFC(Kids for Christ)
Cathedral Choir
L.I.F.E. Mime Ministry
Tribe of Levi Dance Ministry (TOLDM)
New Generation Choir