2018 Leadership Award Nominations

Thank you for your RSVP for our Leadership Appreciation breakfast and for nominating a leader for a 2018 Leadership Appreciation Award. Please complete this form and submit by midnight December 10th (Monday). The RSVP is required, but if you have already submitted nominations (at the November 18th meeting), you do not have to re-submit. 

Category #1: Welcoming (Includes and celebrates the presence of others with a friendly and gracious personality displayed through a welcoming smile and warm embrace.)
Category #2: Compassionate (Values others, sees others, and responds to others as Jesus Christ would. Looks beyond others’ faults to the core of their needs.)
Category #3: Authentic (A living reflection of the Word of God who commits gifts, talents, and time in service to God, with purity of intentions and sincerity of actions.)
Category #4: Pursues Growth (Remains open to challenges, utilizes the talents of our members, and values individual contributions, while trusting God to produce abundance and prosperity.)
Category #5: Excellence (Committed to doing things well to honor God. Gives and does his/her best with the gifts, talents, and abilities God has given to him/her.)
Category #6: Servanthood (Places aside the “self “attitude and is willing to truly give to the Lord and others without expecting anything in return.)

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