What Is SERVE?

SERVE is an acronym which stands for:

  • Stirring up Our Gifts (2 Tim. 1:6) to
  • Edify the Body (Ephesians 4:12) and
  • Reach the Lost (Luke 14:23) by engaging in frequent
  • Volunteer
  • Experiences

SERVE is not a new BBFC Ministry, it is a new way to do Ministry by connecting each member of the body directly to “volunteer experiences” and ultimately to the mandate of God.

Who Can SERVE?

Anyone with a few hours to sow can be a SERVE partner. SERVE partners may not be able to commit to an assignment every week or month, but they certainly have some time they are willing to give.  This is a great alternative to actually joining a service group. SERVE partners will support our current BBFC initiatives by volunteering at specific churchwide events which occur outside of our normal Sunday morning services. These Sunday morning services are handled by our current service teams (Ushers, Hospitality, First Friends, etc.).

As a SERVE partner, your commitment will be at least 3-5 hours:

  • 90 minutes for SERVE training
  • 1.5-3.5 hours for your volunteer experience

Once you attend a SERVE training, you can volunteer as often as you wish for various opportunities, if you decide to serve in the same capacity (e.g., if you want to serve in the parking lot for multiple events, you only need to attend one SERVE training).  If you decide to serve in a different capacity, an additional SERVE training will be required.

Only those who attend SERVE training will be able to volunteer. We want everyone to be on the same page!


Small Groups - Winter/Spring 2019 Term 
Begins January 26th
need: facilitators, apprentices, administrators, greeters
Training: January 12th


Rev. Arthur T. Jones Legacy Memorial Scholarship Program
Runs March - June, 2019
need: committee members
Training: February 16th


BBFC Guest Services and Member Services Teams
NEW teams
Begins April, 2019
need: team members, leads
Training: March 16th

The next SERVE training is Saturday, January 12th. The emphasis of this training will be Small Groups, 2019 Term 1. This SERVE training is required for all current and interested small group (study and fellowship groups) facilitators, administrators, and greeters. Training manual and service assignments will be provided at the meeting. Breakfast begins at 9:30am.