Upcoming Events

Voter Registration Drive
July 1 - October 28
We will be on hand after service every Sunday in July, August 12, August 26, September 9, September 23, and every Sunday in October to assist with voter registration or registration updates, and to provide valuable information concerning this year's elections. Or, you can click here to register, update your information or get voter information.

2018 Listening Gatherings
August 11 - October 5
We determine our focus issues yearly as a result of our Listening Gatherings. Make sure your concern(s) are heard by registering for the gathering most convenient for you. Space is limited at each gathering.

30th Anniversary HOPE Convention
Monday, October 22nd | 6:30pm
Justice Ministry Network Members will receive current issue reports, engage decision makers, elect HOPE officers, and vote to prioritize the community problems for research and action. 
Location: Tampa First 7th-Day Adventist Church, 822 W. Linebaugh Ave., Tampa 33612

HOPE Rally
Monday, March 11,2019 | 6:30pm
Justice Ministry Network Members learn what we discovered during our research and what we want from public officials at the Nehemiah Action. Network Members make commitments toward the Nehemiah Action.
Location: TBD

HOPE Nehemiah Action
Monday, April 1, 2019 | 6:30pm
Each Network Member brings at least three people to build the power of 1,400 people united to hold our public officials accountable for justice and fairness.
Location: TBD

HOPE Celebration
Monday, May 13, 2019 | 6:30pm
Network Members unite to share our justice story, celebrate our victories, and recognize Network Members who made it happen. All Clergy & Network Members are invited to invest $200 in the ministry.
Location: TBA

RSVP for a 2018 Listening Gathering


Location #11 - South Tampa
Friday, October 5 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
3319 W. Wallace Ave
Tampa, 33611
Host: Willene Hayward

T-Shirts Available

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