Global Missions

Burkina Faso

For thirty years, relationship between AEP-Ouaga and BBFC in Florida has flourished.  Bible-Based Fellowship Church in Burkina founded the Christian Relief & Education Development Organization (CREDO).  CREDO is a Community Development Corporation (CDC) that exist for small businesses, family counseling, and financial counseling services. This organization specializes in Leadership Development through transforming managers into leaders, examining the differences between a Leader and a Manager, and introducing the essential values of a Leader being integrity, commitment, respect, trust, courage, and risk-taking.


Part of the vision of Pastor Antony White is to expand our global reach. Through a relationship with Luz Para Povos (Light for the People) a partnership was formed to advance the gospel in South America to reach indigenous peoples of Brazil.

The Krahô people are hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are partnering to improve infrastructure in their community. There are 38 tribes in the far north of Tocantins and only one has already received the gospel. Our aim is to support the work to reach the other 37 tribes with the gospel.


In partnership with Living Hope Christian Ministries (LHCM) founded by Dr. Sonny Acho of Dallas, Bible-Based Fellowship collects medicines to supply medical aid to rural villages in Nigeria. Each year a team of volunteer doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, and other partners travel from the United States to Nigeria to take part in a medical mission initiative.

They serve hundreds of people over 10 days, providing needed care to rural villagers at risk of death as a result of preventable or treatable health problems simply because medical services and supplies are inaccessible to them.