A Message from Our Pastor

Grace to you! I cannot tell you how excited I am about the opportunity before us to advance this church for the glory of God! I have heard some of the many testimonies about how the Lord has used this ministry to transform lives. I believe that is what excites me most about the opportunity now before us. There are countless lives waiting to be transformed through the ministry of Bible-Based Fellowship Church. Advance is a capital stewardship campaign designed to increase our reach in the Tampa Bay Community and our impact globally. To do so, we will significantly reduce our mortgage and reallocate those funds to ministry. We want to advance our church, our community, and our world through the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my sincere prayer that you will partner with us and be open to the Lord's leading that we might advance together.


Our Challenge
We currently have a 3.5 million dollar mortgage that requires us to pay $30,000 each month to Centennial Bank. Imagine how much more we could accomplish if we could reallocate much of that money monthly to ministry. What programs might we be able to sponsor to impact the lives of our youth in our community? What businesses might we attract to our campus if they knew we offered a conference center; a wellness center, and opportunity for youth involvement? How many more lives might be touched and transformed?

Some 40,000 vehicles travel down Ehrlich Road each day, and the vast majority of those hardly notice we exist because of how we are situated. Too many of our youth do not have a safe and fun place they can go and hang out in a Christian environment.

Advance Our Church
Advancing our church includes the acquisition of the adjacent property; reconstruction of our campus entrance, signage and landscape to create a more inviting campus. It also includes upgrading our technology infrastructure and building renovations. Creating a dynamic space for our student ministries and adding a wellness and fitness center.

Advance Our Community
Advancing our community will strategically launch small groups across the Tampa Bay area. It will also enable to start of our own Community Services Corporation (CSC) with various youth programming offered to the community. Sports and Arts programs will be offered to attract youth from around the community throughout the week.

Advance Our World
God is at work in our world, transforming lives through the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to join with what God is doing through our partnership and participation in global missions. We will co-sponsor youth on mission projects and increase our social media presence to advance our global impact for God.

Campaign Progress