Lead a Small Group

The "U" is committed to the training and development of small group leaders.  Before you say "I can't lead a small group," be encouraged that you CAN! While it is true that a love of the Word and of people are fundamental traits of a small group leader, many people shy away from such an amazing opportunity because they feel they don't know enough Bible. Rest assured, friends, that we will NEVER know enough Bible; for it is the reason we continue in His Word "day and night" (Psalm 1:2). 

Being a small group leader is about much more than teaching a Bible class - it's about fostering community among believers; it's about exploring God's Word together; and it's about celebrating the thoughts and ideas of everyone.  Yes, YOU can do this!!

Below is an excerpt from the article, "Why Should I Lead a Small Group" by Mark Ingmire, listing 5 Reasons why YOU should lead a small group:

  1. Although not many people may notice, we have the opportunity to develop other people in their growing relationship with Jesus Christ ... It's a blessing and humbling to know that I am encouraging others to grow. Being a Christ-follower who is reproducing other Christ-followers is exactly what Jesus calls us to do (Matthew 28:19).
  2. We grow in our leadership and nurturing abilities. Leading a group helps me grow and keeps me sharp ... As I hone my skills, my growth not only has an impact on my small group, it also has an impact on my family and in my workplace because it equips me to be a better leader.
  3. It keeps us connected with Scripture. The time I spend studying in preparation and praying for my small group keeps me in Scripture. It adds to the time I'm already in God's Word on my own, and gives me a weekly reason to dig deep into a particular passage.
  4. We provide our group members with an opportunity to experience biblical community. Attending a worship service doesn't guarantee that anyone will be connected into relationships that move them toward biblical community. In fact, many people attend worship services without ever realizing there's more to their relationship with Jesus. They miss the blessing of community.
  5. It models an important value for our children... [The] commitment to lead a group taught them that gathering in biblical community is important for spiritual growth. Now that they've experienced small groups for themselves, they've experienced spiritual growth as a result of their involvement.

Never forget the blessing you will be to others and the blessing you'll receive from leading. Be encouraged that you're leading an important ministry, and even though few may see your hard work, the kingdom of God benefits greatly.

Won't you consider leading a small group? Training is available through our Leadership Development Program (third Saturday of the month).  Please complete the form below to register for this training.

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