It's All About the "U"

Bible-Based University (The "U") is the small groups and training arm of the Church.  We are dedicated to ensuring that the Word of God is accurately presented to and embraced by all people, and that every member becomes a part of a small group. Furthermore, The U serves as the vehicle by which all aspiring small group leaders, ministry leaders, and ministers in training are developed.

Small Groups at The "U"

Small Groups meet Sunday mornings, and Tuesday - Wednesday evenings. Under “the U” there are several small groups, identified by their types:

  • Strengthen U: Biblical Studies Small Groups
  • Equip U: Training and Development Small Groups
  • Empower U: Personal, Relationship, and Financial Enhancement Small Groups
  • Enlighten U: Small Groups especially for Men, Women, Teens, Singles and Married Couples
  • Disciple U: Small Groups for New Believers or Current Believers wishing to deepen their understanding of What We Believe
  • Support U: Small Groups to assist persons in overcoming some of life’s challenges. 

Our vision is for every member of Bible-Based Fellowship to become a part of at least one small group.  As groups fill up, additional groups will be added.  Use the menu to the left to learn more about small groups, and to join a group.